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August 29, 2016
Don't let your Labor Day celebrations go a fowl with boring food when you can kick back and relax with a delicious new grilled chicken recipe that's easy as can be. (Haha get it?)


August 24, 2016
"We like to think that finding this wine is fate, opening the bottle is your choice, falling in love with her is out of our hands. This Northern Climate charmer will surprise you with hints of sweetness before she whisks you off your feet with luscious body, strong citrus notes and complete finish. Be prepared, she is looking for a serious relationship." 


August 3, 2016
Explore the possibilities with Moscato! This light-bodies, semi-sweet and semi-sparkling wine gives fun flavors of green grapes, citrus and ripe peaches. Moscato pairs well with summer salads, citrus grilled chicken dishes, artisan cheese, light airy desserts and celebrations. Read on for some delicious recipes inspired by Moscato.


July 27, 2016
Awarded Best of Class and a Gold Medal within a week of being released, Coyote Moon Vineyard's Port Wine, Perpetua, is already making a name for itself among wine connoisseurs.


July 10, 2016
Explore delicious recipies that are perfectly paired with Twisted Sister Wine!


June 15, 2016
Big Medal Haul for Coyote Moon Vineyards over Weekend, including Winery of the Year


June 8, 2016
Explore some delicious food pairings for Naked Chardonnay! Cara tries out three unique recipes, Grilled Marinated Shrimp, Creamy Mustard & Tarragon Chicken, and Easy Peach Cobbler!


June 8, 2016
 We all love wine... Well not only drinking wine, but you can cook with it in so many ways.


May 20, 2016
For the 3rd time in 4 years, Coyote Moon Vineyards' award-winning wine is recognized in Ellen Landis' prestegious list of 21 Wines to Watch in the American Wine Society Journal. The list features 21 of the best up and coming wines from across the globe, and Marquette Special Reserve is one of them. 


May 16, 2016
The Watertown Daily Times recognizes Coyote Moon Vineyard's recent achievements at the International Taster's Guild Competition.


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