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It's Never Too Late

This is our Wine Maker's first CD! Phil has released the much anticipated It's Never Too Late CD!  It's Never Too Late includes ten of his original songs.
Ballad Of Darrel Hayes by Phil Randazzo
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The Foggy River Band
The band spent hours rehearsing and playing my songs with me. I am sure that it must have frustrated them at times, so I thank them for their patience and friendship.

Alan “Hutch” Hutchinson—Hutch and I started the Foggy River Band together not for financial reward, but for the love of music. I am quite sure I would have quit playing if not for Hutch prodding me along and encouraging me every step of the way. He is one of the easiest guys to get along with. I want to thank him for being my friend.
Jim Rooney—This rock solid bass player is also a rock solid person. He has been our band’s mentor and coach displaying great patience with a great sense of humor. His instructional ability is exceeded only by his musical talent. Without Jim the Foggy River Band would not have gotten off the ground. I am proud to call him a friend.
Pete LaGrow—Co-writer of Great, Great Grand Pa is a self-taught, nineteen year-old whiz kid on the guitar. He came through with the melody when I was struggling with Great, Great Grand Pa. It’s so exciting to have younger people take such intense interest in Bluegrass music. I am sure you will be seeing a lot more of this very special, hard-working young man.
Chad Darou—This incredible multi-instrument musician plays dobro for the band and appears on most of the songs in the album. I want to thank Chad for the untold hours spent working on the project.
Brian Purwin—This amazing lifelong musician plays fiddle on most of the songs on this album. His talent comes from his ability to capture the emotion of every song, immediately lighting up faces of audiences whenever he starts playing.

It’s never too late to follow your passion
At the age of 61 most people would agree it’s too late to publish their first album. I believe age is a state of mind and it’s never too late to follow a dream. A dream that goes nowhere is a wish. A dream with a plan is a goal, and a goal can be accomplished.
The good Lord has blessed me with a wonderful, supporting wife, Mary, who continually encouraged me to keep playing even when, I am sure, it was painful at times.
This album also would not be possible without the wonderful friends that have helped me through the process.
A special thank you to my cousin Bobby Starnes, a gifted writer and musician. Bobby visits us on Whiskey Island in the Thousand Islands and creates such awesome memories singing and playing his guitar. On one of his visits he brought his long-time friend Tim Stafford for a song-writing session on the Island. Wow! The front porch performances provided me with new motivation. I started the process of learning to play and write. I wish I had started 50 years ago. This album is my first. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I loved writing and recording it.

A Special Thanks to All of My Tennessee Friends and Musicians.
Bobby Starnes—In addition to playing the rhythm guitar and bass tracks, he deserves extra thanks for staying up to all hours of the night producing and engineering in his studio to help get this project accomplished.
Connie Starnes—I am extremely grateful for her hospitality, moral support and delicious cornbread, biscuits and gravy.
Trey Hensley—This young man’s talent wows audiences all over America, but he’s so down to earth and a blast to be around. I am thankful for his lead guitar work on most of the songs, and I cannot express in words the admiration I have for not only his skill with the guitar, but his ability to internalize the song and express it perfectly.
Jason Crawford—This Wolf Creek Band member deserves thanks for his banjo and mandolin work on most of the songs. Jason was working 12-hour days when we were recording and still found the time to spend evenings recording for us; what a talented musician! Jason is also a talented vocalist, songwriter and actor.
Tim Stafford—Plays the leads on two very special songs, Mama’s Gone Home and Sweet Jesus. Tim brought his 1934 Martin D 18 and made the songs magical. Tim continues to be both a friend and my hero. Thanks Tim!

Lyrics and Vocals: Phil Randazzo Guitar: Tim Stafford*, Trey Hensley  Banjo and Mandolin: Jason Crawford dobro and Banjo: Chad Darou
Bass: Bobby Starnes Fiddle: Brian Purwin
Produced By: Bobby Starnes Mixing: Bobby Starnes
Engineering: Jim Price, Chad Darou, Bobby Starnes
Recorded at: Hog Holler Studio, Gray, Tennessee
Published by: Whiskey Island Music, Clayton, New York
Photography: Kristina Randazzo-Ives, Marv Hart
Photography Production: Tony Randazzo
Artwork and Design: Christina LaParr
Special thanks to Pete Deachman for his idea for the ending of Cornbread, Biscuits and Gravy.

1. Great, Great Grand Pa (3:09)
    Written by Phil Randazzo, Melody by Pete LaGrow,  ©2011
    2. Ballad of Darrel Hayes (3:08)
    Written by Phil Randazzo, ©2011
3.     North Country Clay (2:48)
    Written by Phil Randazzo, ©2011
4. Still in Love with You (3:36)
    Written by Phil Randazzo, ©2011
5. Mama’s Gone Home (3:47)
    Written by Phil Randazzo, ©2011
6. Train Whistle Blowing (3:28)
    Written by Phil Randazzo, ©2011
7. Sweet Jesus (3:45)
    Written by Phil Randazzo, ©2011
8. Deer Hunt’n (4:16)
    Written by Phil Randazzo, ©2011
9.My True Love’s Gone (2:40)
    Written by Phil Randazzo, ©2011
    10. Cornbread, Biscuits and Gravy (4:15)
    Written by Phil Randazzo, ©2011

Whiskey Island Music Publication © 2011 Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. BMI is a registered trademark of Broadcast Music, Inc.
*Tim Stafford appears courtesy of Rounder Records All rights reserved. Printed in the USA.

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March 21, 2020

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