' Coyote Moon Vineyards - Port Wine Wins Best of Class
NYS Winery of the Year Coyote Moon Vineyards Releases Gold Medal Port Wine
Awarded Best of Class and a Gold Medal within a week of being released, Coyote Moon Vineyard's Port Wine, Perpetua, is already making a name for itself among wine connoisseurs. As Coyote Moon's Owner and Winemaker, Phil Randazzo, was unveiling Perpetua during a private event at the vineyard Saturday night, the wine was being judged 500 miles away at the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition, just outside of Washington, DC. This is the very first competition Perpetua has been entered into and Randazzo couldn't be more pleased with the results, "I'm so impressed with how well Perpetua is doing already; it's great to know that our labor of love is paying off."

Perpetua wasn't the only medal winner for Coyote Moon Vineyards this weekend. Moscato and Fire Boat White also won Best of Class awards and LaCrescent and Moscato joined Perpetua as Gold Medal winners. Coyote Moon took home an additional 4 silver and 6 bronze medals.

The Story Behind Perpetua

A Portuguese winemaker, Daniel Gomes, fell in love with the Marquette Grape and traveled to Coyote Moon Vineyards in Clayton, NY from Portugal to work alongside the Randazzo family, teaching them the Portuguese method. Gomes taught the family the fine details behind making Port wine, while they taught him about the unique, bountiful Marquette grape. Together, they produced a harvest to match the tried and true method of making a Portuguese style wine that has been everlasting through centuries of winemaking in Portugal.

Perpetua is a three-year Port wine, whose production began back in the spring of 2013. Winemaker Gomes worked closely with the Randazzo family to tend the grape vines throughout the growing season, carefully pruning each vine by hand. When the Marquette grapes were ready to be harvested, the grape bunches were delicately picked and crushed by hand in open bins as they fermented for multiple days. The skins of the grapes were punched down daily, helping extract more flavor and color.

The fermentation process is closely monitored, and at exactly the right residual sugar level, spirits are added to the fermenting wine to stop the fermentation and fortify the wine. Winemaker and owner, Phil Randazzo has a full page of formulas for this process that are kept under lock and key for security and remains proprietary.

Part of the Portuguese method is that the spirits must come from the grapes used in the wine. So, instead of purchasing alcohol to infuse into our Port, Coyote Moon chose to distill from their own grapes to create the spirits needed. This way, the Port wine is made from 100% Marquette Grapes.

After fortification, the wine is transferred into neutral French oak barrels to age. Using neutral barrels allowed the port to age gracefully without masking the full, natural flavors of the Marquette grape. Once Randazzo decided the port was finally ready, it was bottled and left to age an additional 3 months in the bottle before being released this week.

Coyote Moon Vineyards' Marquette grape has previously been crafted into the delightfully smooth Marquette wine and truly exquisite Marquette Special Reserve. Both of these wines have highlighted the full flavor of the Marquette grape, but now, Marquette has embarked on this new journey, keeping all those who try it in a perpetual state of mind, wanting to explore all that Marquette can truly do. Randazzo comments, "We keep discovering just how versatile the Marquette grape is; we've pushed it to the limits and are continually pleased with the results." This port is the first of its kind; a true Portuguese style wine made with the hearty, unique Marquette grapes. Coyote Moon hopes to take you on a journey with this new world variety, leaving you in a continuous state of discovery and wonder. Coyote Moon Vineyards has discovered that Marquette is truly limitless.

Perpetua is available for purchase at any of Coyote Moon Vineyards' three locations and online at www.CoyoteMoon.wine/PortWine.
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