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Praevaleo (Port)

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A Portuguese winemaker, Daniel Gomes, fell in love with the Marquette Grape and traveled to our vineyard from Portugal to work along side the Randazzo family, teaching us the Portuguese method. Together, we produced a harvest to match the tried and true method of making a Portugese style wine that has been everlasting throuh the centuries of winemaking in Portugal.

Coyote Moon Vineyards' Marquette Grape has embarked on this new journey, keeping us in a continuous state of mind, wanting to explore all that Marquette can truly do. Coyote Moon hopes to take you on a journey with this new world variety, leaving you in a continuous state of discovery and wonder. Marquette is limitless.


How We Made Praevaleo

Try Marquette Special Reserve!

Vintage 2014
Wine Style Port
Alcohol % 18.6
Size 750 ml