' Coyote Moon Vineyards - Your Wine Personality, According to Your Favorite Thanksgiving Foods
Your (wine) personality profile; as told by your favorite holiday foods.

Title: Your (wine) personality

Our team of psychologists (one person addicted to Mindhunter) logged hours of research (daydreamed about food while drinking copious amounts of wine) to bring you this complex analysis, uncovering your ideal wine based on your favorite Thanksgiving food.


Before you read on, close your eyes and picture what your dinner plate will look like one week from now. What one thing are you looking forward to most? What will you be devouring first, and undoubtedly going back for seconds (and thirds) of?


Do you see it? Can you taste it?

Yes? Then read on.



Ah, the main event. There’s nothing quite like a bite of that tender, succulent meat crusted with a morsel of crispy skin. There are a myriad of ways to prepare the beautiful bird, such as roasted, fried, or smoked, but there’s no argument over the fact this is the star of the show. La Crescent is the wine for you. Not only does it pair beautifully with the big bird, it has the same irresistible charm: juicy with a tangy citrus twist. La Crescent even comes two ways, semi-sweet and dry.


Stuffing (Dressing)

A bread biased side dish; oh, hello fellow carb lover! Stuffing is one of those oft-neglected side dishes during the holidays. It can come from a box, be whipped up 20 minutes before dinner, and be a glob-y, texture-less mess that just gets thrown on your plate because, why not? But you, dear friend, know that stuffing has the real potential to steal the show. Big hunks of soft bread accompanied by crunchy bits of celery, onions, apples (and dare I say, a hearty helping of sausage?) baked to perfection. Oh dear, I’m drooling. Casa Papa Red has that same, often forgotten brilliance. Not your typical red wine, Casa Papa has unforgettable flavors that are sure to impress and delight. Bursts of berries, peppery spice, and just a hint of sweetness make this red wine drool-worthy too.


Mashed Potatoes

A simple, timeless, classic. No, that doesn’t mean you’re boring; it means that you know the best things in life don’t need to be fancy. Naked Chardonnay also celebrates the beauty in simplicity. This un-oaked wine lets the true flavor of the chardonnay grape shine, just like your mashed potatoes don’t need any special “enhancements,” save for the dollop of butter or splash of gravy.



Do you tend to be a little heavy-handed with the gravy ladle? Bold move, Cotton. There are no takesies-backsies when it comes to the gravy swamp, but you aren’t afraid. You understand that mo’ gravy means mo’ flava and that’s all right with you. Frontenac matches your boldness. Big, loud, delicious berry flavors and a kick of spice, what’s not to love? If your gravy addiction is fueled by a love of sauces in general, give our Frontenac Reduction Sauce Recipe a try. It tastes good on everything.


Green Bean Casserole

Oh, you like your vegetables creamy and topped with fried onions too? At Thanksgiving, vegetables don’t actually have to be healthy, which is why this 50’s classic will always be on my holiday menu. Creamy, crunchy, and just a hint of green, you’ll get your daily dose of Vitamin K without realizing you actually ate a vegetable. It’s the veggie dish you can trick the picky eaters with (unlike those zucchini noodles, um, hello, that clearly isn’t fettuccini!) just like Brianna is the wine your non-wine drinking friends will enjoy. Brianna is so light and smooth with no aftertaste. After you sip it, the flavor just melts away; it’s as refreshing as a glass of water!


Cranberry Sauce

Sweet, tart, and tangy, this dish always stands out in the crowd, and there is only one wine that can match this flavorful personality: Twisted Sister. Twisted is loud, yet approachable. She’s got a sweet beginning but a tart finish. She’s the sister that is both the life of the party and your closest confidant. Even though she’s twisted, we love her and can’t get enough, because, let’s be honest, we’re all a little twisted too.


Sweet Potato Casserole

The sweet potato is one of those magical, mystical foods that both healthy and delicious. Complex carb. Paleo. Keto. Superfood. It’s like the holy grail of foods, but when it comes to the sweet potato casserole, we wonder: are you a vegetable or dessert? This sweet and creamy dish is lurking somewhere between mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, and that’s honorable. We can’t all be taking ourselves too seriously, and sweet potato casserole lovers know how to have fun, while still keeping their composure. (Grandma would be proud.) River Run is a fun wine, meant to be drunk by fun people. It’s light, fruity, and no-nonsense. You want to add ice cubes? Go for it! River Run doesn’t judge you, and neither will we for adding marshmallows to your “vegetable.”


Brussels Sprouts

Très chic! Once the mortal enemy of children everywhere, Brussels sprouts are now the hippest of hip vegetables. They are on fleek. And so fetch. And off the heezy. They are truly the shiznit. (I however, am clearly none of those things.) But you, Brussels sprouts lover, are super cool and deserve an equally awesome wine! Frontenac Gris is that wine. Frontenac Gris (pronounced gr-EE, like green without the ‘n’) has a bright, green apple flavor with a citrusy burst that makes your mouth pucker and water at the same time. One sip will leave you craving more; you’ll blink and the bottle will be empty. How did that happen?



Oprah loves it and so do you. Bread. Bread is one of those perfect foods; it’s been around for thousands of years and is pretty universally loved. Moscato also has a long history and loving fan-base. Muscat (the grape used to make moscato wine) is one of the oldest grapes in the world, believed to originate all the way back to ancient Egyptians. Although Moscato has a long family history, it is still a fun, playful, easy-going wine. With soft fruit flavors and a light bubbly fizz, this semi-dry wine is just what you need to wash down that basket of warm dinner rolls.


Pumpkin Pie

Let’s be honest, how many pumpkin spice lattes have you had this week? You are proud of your pumpkin spice obsession, because you know that Autumn is the best season of the year, and you are living it up every way you can. Warm scarves, tall boots, hot-spiced drinks, and the perfect dessert to complement the season: pumpkin pie. No other holiday shares this delightful dessert, so you enjoy it while you can. You know how to have fun and seize the opportunity at hand, just like Fire Boat White. Unapologetically fun and sweet, this grapey white wine is like adult grape juice and is exactly what you need to live up this holiday season.


Apple Pie

An American favorite, a fall classic, and grandma’s signature dish. You, dear friend, quietly waited for dinner to finally be over so the delicious, final act could be served. The sweet, gooey, cinnamon-y apples baked to perfection inside a flaky, buttery piecrust have been calling your name all night. Now, the spotlight is finally on dessert, and you don’t want your beverage to take away from its glory. While some argue a glass of milk is the way to go, I must argue that no, wine is always better. But you need a wine that will complement, not overshadow, your sweet slice of heaven. River Time is here for you. Notes of juicy apples, fresh citrus, and a hint of peach lend this semi-sweet wine to be your best pal and perfect companion to your all-American pie. It’s always time for River Time.


Alcohol (Beer, Wine, Booze, whatever.)

I see you; party animal, and I raise my glass to you. When you think about the holidays, you don’t daydream about the feast of turkey, stuffing, or pies. No, you’re anxiously waiting to see what delightful beverage fun Aunt Linda has concocted for the holidays. Large, family gatherings always seem to result in overindulgence of alcohol; either because the drinks are just that delicious, or your family is just that wild. Regardless of the reason your cup keeps refilling itself, it is important something extra special warms you from the inside out. Fire Boat Red, (specifically Fire Boat Red Mulled Wine) is your drinking buddy this year. This hot, spiced wine smells like the holidays and tastes like magic. Warm cocktails aren’t your thing? No worries, Fire Boat Red is delicious on it’s own, chilled to perfection, and even comes in a can (so you don’t have to worry about breaking another one of your mother’s wine glasses this year)! Cheers!

Post By:   Elena