' Coyote Moon Vineyards - Winery Tucked Away
Award Winning Winery Tucked Away in the North Country

Clayton— When you think of wineries, you might think of Napa Valley, however the North Country is becoming wine country as well.


Phil Randazzo, retired as a business owner of a Fantastic Sam’s franchise in the year 2000. After taking a vacation to Italy with his family, Mr. Randazzo was inspired to make his own wine. So, in 2007 Randazzo planted grapes, simply thinking he would make some wine for family and friends.


Expecting to make and sell wine on a very small scale, Mr. Randazzo opened up Coyote Moon to the public in June of 2009. In just two short years, Mr. Randazzo and his wine have won 400 medals and accolades. “I owe most of my success to the Minnesota grape” said Mr. Randazzo, “these grapes can live in -35 fahrenheit. These northern variety grapes are amazing.”


Coyote Moon often run events where they draw as many as 2,000 people in a day. Their Blue Grass Festival drew people as far south as West Virginia, Tennessee and from the north into Canada. “They came here and packed the place with motor homes” said Mr. Randazzo, “it’s great, here in the North Country and people are coming from all over just to see us.”


According to Phil Randazzo, Coyote Moon is the second largest tourist attraction in the North Country next to Bodlt Castle with over 100,000 people visiting last year alone. Coyote Moon is the largest vineyard in the North Country with approximately 18 acres and roughly 14,000 grape vines.


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