' Coyote Moon Vineyards - Coyote Moon Named in 6 Reasons to Visit 1000 Islands
Coyote Moon Named in 6 Reasons to Visit 1000 Islands
6 Reasons to Visit New York’s Thousand Islands

More than a salad dressing, New York’s freshwater region boasts soaring island castles and world-class boating.
If you've only ever associated "Thousand Islands" with the tangy salad dressing made popular in the 20th Century, you're not alone. Even the most geo-savvy are unaware of the sprawled motley of islands—from which the dressing derives its name—bordering New York and Ontario, Canada. The picturesque area once rivaled the Hamptons during the Gilded Age as New York’s playground for the super-rich, marked by island castles and stunning coastal mansions still seen to this day. And the name of this 50-mile archipelagic region is no hyperbole — there are 1,864 islands interspersed in eastern Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, ranging from 40-square-mile plots to tiny outcrops supporting one tree. If you’re unfamiliar with the “freshwater boating capital of the world,” here are a few darn good reasons to pack your bags and visit one of the North America’s best-kept secrets.

6. Year-Round Outdoor Activities
The area’s versatile qualities make it an all-season haven for tourists who enjoy the outdoors. Summer months host fine warm weather for comfortable fishing, kayaking, and boating, as well as wine-tasting—Coyote Moon Vineyards is the region’s flagship winery in Clayton where guest can sample 19 varieties in both summer and winter months. Freezing winter temperatures don’t slow down Thousand Islands’ sporting activity one bit- powdered trails and roads become snowmobiling tracks in many areas of the region; the frozen St. Lawrence River attracts ice fishing; and many enjoy cross-country skiing in New York’s state parks and Canada’s coastline trails.

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