' Coyote Moon Vineyards - Clayton Food & Wine Showcases Best in NY
Clayton Food & Wine Showcases Best in NY
Clayton Food & Wine Showcases Best In NY

It was the 10th annual food and wine festival in Clayton over the weekend.

Visitors had the opportunity to taste a number of wines and other treats, such as maple cotton candy.

Between the live music and the dozens of vendors, there was something for everyone.

"People come from all over the state -- down in the Finger Lakes, Rochester, Keuka Lake -- they're all over," said Clayton Chamber of Commerce executive director Tricia Bannister.

"Mostly I come for a lot of the food, they have some good chai tea," Joel Perez said. "It's not just wine here, they have a lot of other good things here."

Coyote Moon Vineyards was one of the vendors. They made history by debuting their new product -- wine in a can.

The vineyard says hundreds of man-hours in research and development were spent on putting the wine in aluminum.

They say it's a huge financial risk, since they're one of the few in the country who now use cans, but they think it will pay off.

"The nice thing about cans is you can take them anywhere you can take a soda can or a beer can, essentially," general manager Tony Randazzo said, "and it's 100 percent recyclable."

Brand manager Christina Laparr said she was asked "'are you willing to risk your whole career on cans?' And I said 'Absolutely!'"

"I would never have guessed it would be out of a can, but that doesn't really matter," customer Terry Blosham said, "the taste was amazing."

"My mom brought a bottle of wine back from Italy once," Edyn Toussainte said, "and it tasted like that, fresh from the vineyard."

People were buying as much wine as they could carry.

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