' Coyote Moon Vineyards - Coyote Moon Vineyards Uncorks Summer Festivals with Fiesta Day Revelry
Coyote Moon Vineyards Uncorks Summer Festivals with Fiesta Day Revelry
 The Randazzo family of Coyote Moon® Vineyards knows “Excitement, Romance & Award-Winning WineTM”, they know over-the-top customer service, and they certainly know how to start the summer season off with a bang… or in their case… a howl!

On Saturday, May 4, 2013, Coyote Moon® Vineyards hosted its annual Farmer’s Market Fiesta Day and the response from the community was unprecedented. It was their largest festival in the last four years with more than 3,000 people joining the celebration. Adults and children alike were welcomed with howls, cheers, and chants. It was a gorgeous Saturday with clear skies and bright sunshine - perfect for a glass of award-winning wine, wine slushie, or an ice-cold beer. All were available for the adult revelers as they welcomed Coyote Moon’s® festival season.

The wines and lines were flowing at three separate tasting bars both inside and outside. Inside the tasting room, there were two bars where guests stayed cool while enjoying samples, glasses of award-winning wine, and all the chanting and howling they could handle. Outside, under the infamous black tent emblazoned with the Coyote Moon® symbol, revelers stayed cool with the much desired, refreshing, and thirst-quenching Fireboat Red wine slushies, glasses of award-winning wine, wine samples, and ice-cold beer.

Guests sipped, swirled, and drank as they perused the farmers market where over thirty vendors put their wares on display. Everything from alpaca handmade wool items to fresh whole foods to silver jewelry to pottery to homemade baked goods were available. Revelers were happy to support their local community through the famers market. There was something for everyone; even face painting and flowerpot decorating for the kids. Children of all ages took horse drawn wagon rides throughout the vineyards enjoying the sunshine and the pristine, picturesque vineyards.

The Foggy River Band and S.O.S. took the stage during the day to keep the good times rolling. Revelers sang along with the bands and danced the day away. As the bands rocked, partygoers sipped and indulged on cuisines provided by Johnny D’s, LaMont’s Food Fare, Cheese Cake on a Stick, and Funnel Cakes… the choices were plentiful and delicious. To add to the excitement, Justin Seelman of Adirondack Woods demonstrated his skill with an amazing woodcarving exhibition, impressing all by transforming a single piece of wood into a bear.

The Farmer’s Market Fiesta day was the kind of magical day that Coyote Moon® Vineyards has been able to bottle and uncork for the community it loves and is proud to call home. Coyote Moon® has certainly set the stage and raised the bar for a fun-filled, family friendly summer packed with great music, delectable award-winning wine, and a howlin’ good time.

If you missed the Farmer’s Market Fiesta Day, be sure to join Coyote Moon® Vineyards at its Classic Car Cruise-In on Jun 1st from 10am-4pm or at one of the many events they host throughout the year. Also, if you have not yet had the chance to taste Coyote Moon® Vineyards’ award-winning wines, or maybe you want to sample again, stop by for “Excitement, Romance & Award-Winning WineTM” today. Taste why Coyote Moon® Vineyards is one of the most award-winning wineries in New York. Coyote Moon® offers daily tastings at its vineyard located on East Line Road in Clayton, New York. Coyote Moon® also offers tastings at its Wine & Craft Beer Lounge located at 524 Riverside Drive in Clayton, New York. For more information and hours check out the website at www.coyotemoonvineyards.com or call 315-686-5600.
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