' Coyote Moon Vineyards - Raise your glass to Northern New York wines
Raise your glass to Northern New York wines
Cornell Univiersity College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
May 15th, 2013

Bordeaux… Napa… Tuscany… Finger Lakes… If Tim Martinson, senior extension associate in the Department of Horticulture has his way, someday you’ll be able to add Northern New York to the list of noted wine producing regions in the world. Martinson and other Cornell faculty are collaborating on the Northern Grapes Project, a multi-state team of plant breeders, winemakers, economists, and other experts working to integrate the viticulture, winemaking, and marketing of new, coldhardy vinifera cultivars to support burgeoning rural wineries from New England through the upper Mid-West. As Martinson recently explained to NPR, the challenge to turning coldhardy grapes into fine wine has been to work around their innate disadvantages. Traditionally, the wines they produced were more suited to the grape juice aisle at the supermarket then the finest wine cellars. Acidic and with a high residual sugar content, they tended to lack body and complexity. But newly developed grape varieties such a Frontenac and Marquette are overcoming these obstacles. In particular, Northern New York vintners like Coyote Moon Vineyards, where Martinson is conducting field trials, are having great success producing award-winning wines that are being recognized at some of the most prestigious competitions in the country.

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Post By:   Tony Randazzo